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Competitively Priced Wholesale Pipe Fittings for the Inland Empire and Dallas County

We probably don’t need to tell you that pipe fittings are an essential part of plumbing and construction projects. At TMK Fasteners, it is our mission to provide Corona, Grand Prairie, the Inland Empire and Dallas County with the highest in quality for all pipe fittings and pipe fitting hardware. We guarantee quality to each and every contractor and construction company we partner with to provide wholesale fittings and other hardware. From irrigation barred fittings to elbow fittings, stainless steel to brass fittings, TMK Fasteners will ensure your order is filled promptly and accurately.

TMK Fasteners goes above and beyond to ensure all of our customers are satisfied. We provide kitting on all fitting products and can deliver, ship to, or offer will call at your convenience. Whether you need an order filled on a deadline or have a regular reorder, TMK Fasteners is there to assist you for all of your fittings and fastener needs.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware Products for Corona and Grand Prairie

At TMK Fasteners, we understand that hot dipped galvanized hardware is essential to many construction projects. We go to great lengths to ensure that all contractors, construction companies, and manufacturers have everything they need when it comes to hot dipped galvanized wholesale products. A unique process, hot-dipped galvanizing takes clean steel and immerses it into molten zinc. When that is done, layers of zinc-iron alloy are formed in a metallurgical reaction and provides a strong coating that is integral to the steel.

One of the benefits of hot dipped galvanizing is that it self-repairs when it is damaged to protect the integrity of the base metal. Environmentally sustainable, hot-dipped galvanized wholesale hardware can be used for multiple applications. To learn more about the hot-dipped galvanized products we offer or for a free quote, contact one of our specialists today.

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